Socratic Lectures

8 th International Symposium | January 21, 2023 | Online

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10th Socratic Lectures will take place in December 2023, online.

Symposium Socratic lectures is devoted to sharing scientific knowledge within the society of excellent scientists and devoted students. Plato described gathering of Socrates with his pupils. They would gather together and discuss topics of their interest. Looking up to this spirit, from 2008, the symposium has been organized including students from faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. Since then, the symposium has grown to international event bringing together young scientists and excellent scientists who donate their lectures to the students and create constructive dialogue. We especially value participation of colleagues from different fields (natural sciences, medicine, technical sciences, economy, law, social sciences, humanistics and art).

Contact to the organizers: prof. Veronika Kralj-Iglič or Anna Romolo or



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